eco’ gDNA isolation kit-  Bacteria

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eco’ gDNA isolation kit-  Bacteria

  • This kit can efficiently isolate genomic DNA from wide range of bacterial samples, both gram positive and gram negative.
  • It requires 25* 107 of bacterial cells.
  • Yields of genomic DNA isolated are normally around 3-5 µg per ml of culture.


Ordering information.

eco’ gDNA Isolation Kit- Bacteria is available from Dr. KPC Bioinnovations & Diagnostics. Presently the kit is available in two different pack sizes.


Catalog No. Description Pack Size Price (Rupees)
K0198 eco’ gDNA Isolation Kit-Bacteria 50 Isolations 4100
K0199 eco’ gDNA Isolation Kit-Bacteria 250 Isolations 16400


User Manual




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